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I'm a licensed therapist and ICF certified executive life coach, who specializes in trauma healing, ketamine assisted psychotherapy, life coaching and "therapy with a coaching edge".

I believe that life  can get awfully stressful, and we all encounter elusive issues that get in the way of our happiness and functioning.

I imagine you found yourself here because there are things going on in your life that are causing you distress and you're looking for some support through the messy parts of life, or you're ready to create some positive change  and up-level. 

As a licensed therapist and ICF certified executive life coach, I help people work through the toughest issues they encounter, heal, and set and reach goals with expert collaborative support.

Kaleo Awana | The Growth Establishment
Kaleo Awana | The Growth Establishment

kaleo's background

Kaleo received her undergraduate and clinical therapy master’s degree from the University of Utah and has been a licensed therapist since 2004.  Clinically, she specializes in trauma, stress related conditions, emotional pain, anxiety & depression, executive functioning,  and relational issues.  Kaleo also specializes in ketamine assisted psychotherapy and psychedelic integration. 


She is also an ICF Certified Executive Coach and has helped high level professionals, executives, small business owners and professional athletes up-level their mental health, performance and work-life balance for over 15 years.


She lives and operates her practice out of Salt Lake City, Utah and is able to see therapy clients who reside in the state of Utah and coaching clients from all over the world. 

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