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executive life coaching 

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“If therapy is likened to patching up a hole in your boat that’s leaking water, coaching is like  launching your boat out to sea and  sailing it to the stars."


Kaleo’s executive coaching expertise is working with high level professionals who are overworked, stressed, struggling with their mental health, out of alignment and falling short in life & work.

She isn’t the kind of “business executive coach” who is going to give you KPI game plans or tell you how to run your company.  Instead, she’s the kind of coach who helps high level professionals and get their psychological, emotional, and intellectual fitness, relationships, personal lives and work performance in tip top shape; which in turn has robust implications on their careers and company.

Executive life coaching is a great fit for high level professionals who have big responsibilities and aspirations but are stressed, weighed down, lacking confidence, not performing the way they want to (in life & work) and burnt out. It’s also great for high level professionals who are making a big life change, chasing stretch goals, changing or starting a career, managing teams, gearing up for a promotion, needing to up-level their wellbeing & mental health, starting or scaling a business, or for those who have been hit by a life crisis that has thrown them off their game.

finding the right coach

The relationship between client and coach is an intimate and dynamic one. It thrives on openness, directness, non-judgement, positivity and accountability.

Because positive coaching outcomes have a ton do with alignment and rapport between coach and client, Kaleo offers prospective executive coaching clients a free 20 minute consultation to ensure that a coaching partnership with her is the exact right fit for clients.

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Executive coaching sessions are $160 per 53 minute session.


All sessions are held over a secure telehealth platform that can easily be accessed on any mobile or computer device. 

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