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Experiencing emotional pain, getting stuck in negative patterns and struggling to cope with life's stressors are a part of the human experience.  

I hold space for my clients through their most difficult times so they can heal, break patterns and accomplish the change they wish to see in their lives.  And, good therapy isn't just about working through your issues, it's also about identifying and tapping into your strengths, reaching your goals and stepping into your most authentic self.

I specialize in PTSD/trauma, stress related issues, depression, anxiety, executive functioning and relational issues. 

I use modalities like EMDR, IFS, CBT, somatic therapy, ketamine assisted psychotherapy, strength based psychology, as well as a unique blend of therapy and coaching strategies I call "therapy with a coaching edge"; which leans on all the insight and wisdom of therapy and the goal orientation and accountability of life coaching coaching.

Turns out, many of my clients are high level professionals, business owners, therapists, medical professionals, professional athletes or folks who are highly motivated to create positive change and up-level their lives.

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finding the right therapist

The relationship between client and therapist is an intimate one. It thrives on openness, vulnerability, straight talk, non-judgement, empathy and therapist expert knowledge.

And research shows that positive client & therapist bond is the biggest predictor of positive therapy outcome for clients.

Because this therapeutic bond is so important, Kaleo offers prospective clients a free 20-minute consultation to ensure that a therapeutic partnership with her is the exact right fit for her and her clients.

session + fees

Kaleo is conducting both in-person and telehealth appointments at this time.

53 minute teletherapy session: $160

2 hour ketamine assisted psychotherapy session (in-person): $395


I am in network with HMHI-BHN.

I am considered out of network with all other insurance companies but I work with Mentaya, a platform that helps clients get an average of 70% of their money  back on out-of-network therapy sessions.


Mentaya is  easy to use. Simply visit the link below to get a quote on how much money Mentaya will be able to get you back on out-of-network therapy sessions.

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