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cindy c. (vp of sales, fortune 500 company)

"I entered executive coaching looking for a hammer, but ended up getting the whole hardware store. I cannot  recommend Kaleo more highly, she’s absolutely fantastic!"

patty n. (therapist)

"Kaleo has saved my life many times over and I can’t say enough about her.  She is smart, insightful, warm and direct. Being a good therapist myself, I know a good therapist when I see one and Kaleo is  top notch."

j.m. (therapist)

"Working with Kaleo is a  life-changing experience. Kaleo has the knowledge, skill, and presence required to teach, guide, and empower her clients to make the lasting changes they are looking for. Working with Kaleo has truly been one of the best gifts I have ever given myself!"

levi king (co-founder & executive chairman, Nav Technologies, Inc.)

"Kaleo is the first person I've ever felt like I could talk to about everything in my mind, with  no exceptions. That feeling of safety is what has led to the benefits of talk therapy and EMDR through our sessions. For anyone contemplating working with Kaleo,
I say sign up now. There's no reason to hesitate. Do it so you can start making progress."

jake n. (superhero coach)

"Because of my work with Kaleo, I have been able to take my entrepreneur ideas from
dream to  reality with her helpful insight, motivation, and accountability.
This has allowed me to do what I’m passionate about and spend more quality time
with my family."

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